Pierrick ContinThe Origin : Meeting unmet needs.

Pontos from Saint Malo in France has introduced a new standard to the world of winches. Our game-changing winches revolutionize the way you manoeuvre

The initial idea to completely rethink the winch was sparked by some uncomfortable moments when tacking in the narrow straits of Bréhat. The winch proved to be physically too difficult for a slow inexperienced crew, just when the proximity of the rocks required top notch performance !

Curiously, despite the fact that the winch is one of the key pieces of equipment on a sailboat it has barely changed over the years. Pontos decided to completely rethink the winch, starting by an in-depth analysis of customer requirements. More power with less effort for some, more speed and efficiency for others. In both cases the quest for performance and security was paramount.

The result of three years of work by the R&D team is the most significant advance in winch design in more than a generation bringing a formidable combination of performance  and security.

Today :   

Very early on Pontos made the choice to focus its resources on building a well equipped, highly qualified applied R & D centre.Together with external research laboratories and in collaboration with professional ocean racers Pontos has worked to produce reliable high performance winches.

The quality of component parts which are outsourced to European specialists are strictly controlled by the Quality control department in Pontos workshops in Saint Malo.

The manufacture of Pontos winches is performed in collaboration with Tekno an Italian high precision mechanical company. This partnership brings together the brilliantly simple innovative ideas of Pontos and more than 30 years’ experience in building high quality winches. In effect it was Tekno who manufactured under contract the famous Barbarossa winches.

Strong believers in letting people do what they are good at, Pontos has reinforced their team with the expert support of Peter Meyer. Peter’s extensive knowledge earned over the last 25 years covers all areas of the sail boat market and make him a very important member of the team.