FlatDeck is a powerful furling system fitted with a webbing. This great Facnor innovation offers safe and easy headsail furling : no reefing line overriding and a massively improved torque. Overall, with the FD low profile drum, you benefit from a maximum luff !

FD features : 

  • Maximum power when you start furling in
  • Maximum luff thanks to the low profile drum
  • No risk of overriding (webbing guide exit)
  • Complete webbing & swivel fittting / rope &leads
  • Rotating tack fitting
  • Matching with LS/LX/RX models
  • Resistant webbing(> 1/2 ton) and against ultra violet rays

Models Range :

  • FD110
  • FD190
  • FD230
  • FD310

PDF file with the complet range