Top down spinnaker furler

Using asymmetric spinnakers in some conditions can be dangerous. With the Spinex, you're going to rediscover the joys of this type of sailing because it allows you to:

  • Easily handle this type of sail (even short-handed)
  • Remain in the safety of the cockpit
  • Improve the performance of your sailing-boat by using downwind sails

Spinex: overview

  • 4 models available: SPINEX 0.9, SPINEX 1.5, SPINEX 2.5, SPINEX 5.0
  • For boat lengths of 5 to 18 m and asymmetric spinnakers
  • Delivered as standard: anti-twist cable, end fittings, high-density spheres
  •  SPIN KIT available separately, fits NEX furlers
  • Uses Profurl technology
  • Three-year Profurl international warranty
  • Patented system

Adaptable: One system for many uses

The Spinex can easily be converted into a NEX by removing the swivel tack from the drum and the end fittings, and then it can be used for sails like a code zero or a staysail

For more details please download the PDF file