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Cousin Trestec



Technical rope which combines the advantages of a Technora® aramid fiber central core with a braided polyester double cover. The Technora® aramid fiber provides this rope with exceptional tenacity and fatigue resistance qualities and a complete absence of creep. The presence of an intermediate braided cover in the rope’s composition prevents any “wrinkling” effects when used on winches.

Advantages: Little elongation under working load for the “run in” rope, no creep under constant tension. Easy to handle, flexibility. Anti-rotation construction. High breaking strength.

Use: Textile cable for winches, capstans, towing, halyards, slings and zip lines.

Construction: 24-plait polyester braided cover. Intermediate polyester braided cover (at the interface between the core and external cover). Technora® loosely 16-plait braided core.

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