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drenaLINE - Teufelberger
  • drenaLINE - Teufelberger
  • drenaLINE - Teufelberger
  • drenaLINE - Teufelberger
  • drenaLINE - Teufelberger




Either on single or double rope configurations, the drenaLINE rope gives ultimate freedom to the climber to choose the right technique for the task. The [slaice]® able drenaLINE works perfectly and reliably in single or double rope configurations. Its extremely light construction and 32-strand cover allow super smooth precision during ascents and descents. This rope has been extensively tested in the field with a vast range of hardware in single and double rope climbing techniques by experienced tree climbers around the world.


  • Cover: polyester.
  • Core: nylon.
  • Braid: 32.
  • Standards: EN 1891A, AINSI Z133.

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