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Dyneestar blue-silver - Cousin Trestec
  • Dyneestar blue-silver - Cousin Trestec
  • Dyneestar red-silver - Cousin Trestec
  • Dyneestar beige-black - Cousin Trestec
  • Dyneestar green-silver - Cousin Trestec

Cousin Trestec



Light and flexible, the Dyneestar features high resistance to abrasion and low elongation.

Advantages: The internal cover and the core work together to ensure exceptional stability and lifespan.

Use: Ideal for all leisure sailors looking for ultimate performance with high-end sheets and halyards.

Construction: 24 plait polyester cover. Inner cover and HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) core. High modulus HMPE fibre, loosely woven braided core (high modulus polyethylene).

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