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Safety snap hook - Wichard
  • Safety snap hook - Wichard
  • Safety snap hook - Safety snap hook with swivel - Wichard
  • Webbing snap hook - Snap hook with fixed eye for webbing - Wichard
  • Double action safety hooks - Wichard
  • Double action safety hook fluorescent - Wichard


Safety snap hooks


Whatever your application, you will always find the appropriate Wichard snap hook.

Safety snap hooks main features:

  • Forged in 316L or HR stainless steel.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Outstanding working loads.
  • Various uses on board, fastening applications.
  • Designed and made in France.


  • Safety snap hooks.
  • Safety snap hooks with swivel.
  • Webbing snap hooks.
  • Snap hooks with fixed eye for webbing.
  • Double action safety hooks.

The double action safety hooks integrate the famous Wichard torsion spring with single hand opening by pressing on the rear lever for no risk of accidental opening.

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