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Speedlink snap shackle universal eye - Wichard
  • Speedlink snap shackle universal eye - Wichard
  • Speedlink snap shackle webbing eye - Wichard
  • Speedlink snap shackle swivel shackle - Wichard
  • Release fid - Wichard


Speedlink trigger snap shackles


Speedlink was developed using finite element analysis software, and has an optimised design. Its shape, cut-outs and ribs make it extremely light, and give it one of the best strength/weight ratios on the market.

Main features:

  • Forged in HR stainless steel.
  • The special load-bearing surface of the swivel eye avoids excessive rope wear.
  • Its overall design prevents adjacent lines from jamming.
  • Easy opening under load by using the release fid.
  • Secure locking.
  • exceptional working and breaking loads for a minimum weight.
  • Designed and made in France.


  • Universal eye: For halyards, spinnaker and sheets. Can handle 2 sheets or 1 sheet and 1 snap hook/shackle.
  • Webbing eye: For foresail tack points. Optimized design for fitting to webbing.
  • Swivel shackle: Spinnaker operations: sheets, halyards, peeling.

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