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Fixed F10 - D-SPLICER
  • Fixed F10 - D-SPLICER
  • Fixed needles 4 sizes - D-SPLICER
  • Fixed needles XL - D-SPLICER


Fixed needles


The D-SPLICER fixed is available as a single needle with a fixed handle. The needles can not be replaced.

Sizes available :

  • F10: 1 mm x 18 cm needle for ropes up to 2 mm.
  • F15: 1.5 mm x 26 cm needle for ropes from 2 mm to 4 mm.
  • F20: 2 mm x 26 cm needle for ropes from 4 mm to 6 mm.
  • F25: 2.5 mm x 26 cm needle for ropes from 6 mm to 8 mm.
  • XL20: 2 mm x 55 cm needle.
  • XL25: 2.5 mm x 60 cm needle.

Rope sizes are approximate as the needles work in many other situations. For example use it to pull the cover of a 14 mm rope back in itself.

To view the full range of products with technical specifications, check out our D-SPLICER page and download the catalogue.