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Navilight Tricolor 2NM - RAILBLAZA - Navisafe
  • Navilight Tricolor 2NM - RAILBLAZA - Navisafe
  • Navilight 360° 2NM - RAILBLAZA - Navisafe


Navilight with RAILBLAZA StarPort base


Multifunctional portable light with RAILBLAZA StarPort base.

RAILBLAZA is a New Zealand based supplier of one of the most versatile and easy-to-use mounting systems for boats, ATVs, RVs or trailers. The base of the Navilight has the form of a star and will fit directly in many anchor winches and winches as well as to specially designed mountings, such as the Navisafe RAILBLAZA Sideport, the Navisafe RAILBLAZA Starport and the Navisafe RAILBLAZA RailMount.


  • Navilight 360° 2NM.
  • Navilight Tricolor 2NM.

Have a look at the Navisafe catalogue and technical support page for more information.