The Swiss ski maker Exonde was created in 2011 when experienced skier Stéphane Exartier (eight years on the World Cup circuit, top 20 in GS and 13th place at the Albertville Olympic Games in 1992) decided to create a new ski brand. Surrounded by experts from all relevant fields, he wanted to answer what he thought were the needs of most skiers: providing easily accessible on-trail performance with the accent on comfort.

The brand: XO Skis.

These are handcrafted skis made in small batches but using state of the art technology with the most precise tolerances throughout manufacture and finishing. They are light, performant, durable, versatile and available in different models for various types of skiers.

WPG Canada's desire is to reach as many outdoors enthusiasts as possible so the XO Skis add a "mountainous" range to its distributed products.