Page_20_© Balazs GardiYachting cordage from FSE Robline connects the pleasure of sailing with high reliability of the FSE Robline ® rope techology. The cordage of FSE Robline ® is characterized by best performance for challenging applications. The operation with High-Tech fibers enables the production of cordage with minor weight, high resistance against UV-raises, breaking load, temperature and engine, good grip and high breaking strength.
For the persistent use of the FSE Robline ® yachting cordage we offer additional services, harmonized accessories and our knowledge – for Cruiser and Racer.

Tapered Sheets
Just like other products, tapered selection of lines feature outstanding properties such as excellent abrasion resistance, lowstretch and the use of top-quality materials from selected suppliers. Using tapered sheets and halyards brings the following important performance advantages: reduced weight, strength where it is needed, better handling, smaller line diameter reduces friction in blocks and halyard, seaves, less effort is needed.

Ready made Products
Robline’s ready made products mean they are ready for use by your customers. All products have been made with an eye splice, thimble or suitable tackle. You’ll find all packages are labelled so that identifying the right product for a specific application is easy.

Ready made products  are: ready for use, self-explanatory, no additional time-consuming wor, no short length left.

Non Standards
Racing ropes are products with high requirements and outstanding conditions. In order to meet those requirements, a great amount mainly in technical characteristics, developing work and High Tech fibers, therefore is invested. Those products are to be received on inquiry and will be perfectly matched and produced according to your wishes. So that we can ensure, that our products meet your quality view and high expectations. An important guarantor for an important race.