Portable navigation lights

Navisafe is a Norwegian lighting company founded in 2005 following a near-miss accident involving two boats without lights. That night, Jo Engebrigtsen (former owner and founder of Navisafe) had just a second to avoid his boat and family being hit by the bigger boat.

Jo Engebrigtsen knew that only luck stopped him from becoming one of the victims of a serious boating accident.  He also recognized that while in the dark it is difficult to see another boat and even more difficult to see a person in the water.

What was needed therefore was a lantern with 360° illumination that was fully waterproof, robust, compact, lightweight and that could be effectively fitted on a jacket or a cap. It had to be small enough to put in your pocket to make sure you always can reach it, on a boat or in the water, yet bright enough to act as a professional boat lantern. Finally, it has to be very easy to use, with both a strong steady light and an ultra bright emergency flash… And so, the idea for Navi light 360° was born.