Single-point soft-attach padeyes are strong, lightweight, and watertight fastening solutions for mastbase blocks, spinnaker sheet turning blocks, halyard terminals, footblocks, and tie-downs.

Installation requires a single hole drilled through the deck (max thickness 30 mm)

Ropeye Basic Loop Sizes :

  •  Pad sandwiches high-strength, low-stretch line in a secure loop
  • 50 mm diameter carbon-fiber pad evenly spreads the load
  • 80 mm, 60 mm, 40 mm eye lengths

Three strengths with different eye lengths:

  • 800 kg/1764 lb MWL
  • 1450 kg/3197 lb MWL
  • 1950 kg/4299 lb MWL

Ropeye Loop Single Braid UNCOVERED

The material provides significantly improved stability under static loads, combining the typical high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent low stretch, abrasion and UV resistance of Dyneema® fibers.

Ropeye Loop Double Braid COVERED

Dyneema® SK75 cover provides incredibile abrasion resistance and lightness, it is a perfect solution in order to prevent damages due to continuous friction.


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