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King Rope


This textile cable with its highly advanced construction presents exceptional mechanical characteristics. It is highly effective as a winch, zip line or rigging cable. Its highly compact structure provides it with a good level of roping resistance. The King Rope®’s specific roundness is ideal for use on grooved coil capstans or double pulleys. King Rope® may be delivered in long lengths, with or without splice loop. It may be available as a special version, with Dyneema® core and cover or Vectran® cover.

Advantages: Ideal replacement for steel cables. Excellent resistance to alternate bending. Anti-rotation. Non-magnetic, insensitive to corrosion Silent when used. No creep under constant tension.

Use: Pulling winch cable, towing, zip line, pylon rigging, Leads, marquee luffs. Lifting slings. Anchor lines.

Construction: Technora® aramid fiber loosely braided core. Taped polyurethane intermediate film Black finely braided and compacted high tenacity polyester cover.

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