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Tachyon ash - Teufelberger
  • Tachyon ash - Teufelberger
  • Tachyon ash - Teufelberger
  • Tachyon orange-blue - Teufelberger
  • Tachyon green-blue - Teufelberger
  • Tachyon orange-yellow - Teufelberger
  • Tachyon green-black-white - Teufelberger




In arborist circles, Tachyon has quickly become the most popular of 24-strand ropes. Thanks to its unparalleled feel and its exceptional performance, it is ideal for use with the latest mechanical systems. Its firm and flexible design features a polyester cover which significantly improves friction hitch performance without “bagginess”. The inner core keeps the diameter constant, even under load, for improved grip and less hand fatigue.


  • Cover: polyester.
  • Core: nylon.
  • Braid: 24.
  • Standards: EN 1891 A, ANSI Z133.

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