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Apex 10.5 mm canyon - Maxim
  • Apex 10.5 mm canyon - Maxim
  • Apex 9.9 mm cranberry - Maxim
  • Apex 9.9 mm yellow - Maxim
  • Apex 9.9 mm terra cotta - Maxim
  • Apex 9.9 mm ivy - Maxim
  • Apex 9.9 mm OD green - Maxim
  • Apex 10.2 mm sky - Maxim
  • Apex 10.2 mm sky - Maxim
  • Apex 10.2 mm autumn - Maxim
  • Apex 10.5 mm technicolor - Maxim
  • Apex 10.5 mm green-yellow - Maxim
  • Apex 11 mm purple haze - Maxim
  • Apex 11 mm amber - Maxim
  • Apex 11 mm spring - Maxim
  • Apex 11 mm OD green - Maxim




The Apex series ropes are designed to provide optimum life safety while permitting the climber to push past his or her personal limits. Apex offers excellent durability with extreme fall protection. Designed to be pushed everyday. Apex ropes provide the long life and safety assurance you have come to expect from MAXIM® Climbing Ropes. Apex features MAXIM's proprietary Endura DRY treatment process. All of MAXIM's ropes have dry treated cores. Select styles have a dry core and cover for the ultimate in dry protection.


  • Core: Nylon.
  • Cover: Nylon.
  • Braid: 48.
  • Standards: EN 892, UIAA 101.

To view the full range of products with technical specifications, check out our Maxim page and download the catalogue.