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D-Splicer - Splicing Kits
  • D-Splicer - Splicing Kits


Splicing Sets


Three complete splicing sets with many different tools for rope splicing.

Splicing set Sailor for 1-16mm ropes

  • P-40 Pouch | Selmaset | F-15 Fixed | C-20 Knife | Whipping twine | Needle set | Splicing tape

Splicing set Mariner for 1-16mm ropes

  • P-40 Pouch | Selmaset | D-Splicer set A-4 | F-20 Fixed | D-16 Scissors
  • Whipping twine | Needleset | Splicing tape | C-20 Knife | Rope fid small | Seaming palm RH

Splicing set Rigger for 1-20mm ropes

  • P-65 Pouch | Selmaset | Fixed F-10/ F-15 / F-20 / XL-20 / XL-25 | D-16 Scissors | Whipping twine (polyester & Stirotex)
  • S-4 & S-8 SoftFid | L16 D-Slack | Needle set | Splicing tape | C-24 Knife | Rope fid small & large | Seaming palm RH

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