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CF furler - Facnor
  • CF furler - Facnor
  • CF furler - Facnor
  • CF Furler - Facnor




The Facnor CF mainsail furling system makes your sailing safe and comfortable. No more effort to reef the sail in choppy seas: you will always have the right area of sail adapted to the wind conditions. No more folding or flaking the sail: with simple handling, your mainsail is quickly furled or unfurled. Your boat will always be ready to leave with sails already set up.

CF furler features:

  • Safe handling of the mainsail.
  • Installation without modifying or drilling the mast.
  • This system allows keeping the original goose neck.
  • Simple to use.
  • Excellent quality/price ratio.

To view the full range of products with technical specifications, check out our Facnor page and download the catalogue.