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Dynalight HMPE orange - Cousin Trestec
  • Dynalight HMPE orange - Cousin Trestec
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Cousin Trestec

Dynalight HMPE


12 plaits hollow braid made of high modulus polyethylene fibers impregnated with a colored resin that significantly improves longevity and resistance to friction. The Dynalight textile cable is an excellent replacement for the steel cable in a large number of applications.

Advantages: High safety, little whip effect in case of break, no risk of hand injury as with a worn steel cable. Easy use and comfortable handling. Easy and quick splicing repair on site if necessary. The cable keeps operating. Easy winding on the winch drum. No need for a sophisticated winding system. Increased longevity.

Use: Towing cable, docking, slinging, rigging. Can be used to make opening shackles, loops or lashing.

Construction: Hollow braid 12-plait, impregnated with a high modulus polyethylene based solution (HMPE). Full impregnation with a coloured polyurethane solution.

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