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HF hydraulic furler - Facnor
  • HF hydraulic furler - Facnor
  • HF hydraulic furler - Facnor
  • EC electric furler - Facnor
  • EC electric furler - Facnor


EC - EF+ - HF


In order to furl sails easier, Facnor offers electric systems (EC & EF+) from 9 m boats and hydraulic systems (HF) from 14 m up to 72 footers. Whatever configuration and reefing assistance chosen for your sailboat, motorization will bring a great comfort in navigation, especially on big units but also on smaller units.

Electric models: EC 39, EC 47, EF+ 550. EF+ 600.

Wired or radio remote control. Waterproof drive unit. No specific maintenance required. Optimized power (max 800 W, speed 30 to 55 t/min). Low energy consumption & reduced noise level. Fitted over the existing forestay without cutting. Easy retrofit: motorization kit for converting manual Facnor (LS/LX 165 - 330) into electric EC or EF+. Available in 12 and 24V with inversing box. International 3-year warranty.

Hydraulic models: HF 550, HF 600, HF 700.

Plugged on standard hydraulic devices (max 140 bars). Durable drive unit, waterproof and compact, low noise level. Power ratio / Optimum torque. Installation on existing forestay. Compact: reduced dimensions compared with a classic drum. Quick installation: split foot (HF700) + internal turnbuckle fitting. No specific maintenance. International 3-year warranty.

To view the full range of products with technical specifications, check out our Facnor page and download the catalogue.