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Marabou 2 Kite - GIN
  • Marabou 2 Kite - GIN
  • Marabou 2 Kite - GIN
  • Marabou 2 Kite - GIN
  • Marabou 2 Kite - GIN
  • Marabou 2 Kite - GIN
  • Marabou 2 Kite - 4m & 6m - GIN
  • Marabou 2 Kite - 8m & 10m - GIN
  • Marabou 2 Kite - 12m - GIN

Gin Kiteboarding

Marabou 2 Kite


The very first hybrid kite in the world that combines a single surface and the construction of a closed-cell kite

Sizes: 4M | 6M | 8M | 10M | 12M 

Terrain: water 100% | snow 80% | land 70%


  • Generates extraordinary power 
  • Perfect for foiling, twintipping, and surfing
  • New rounded and square shape


  • Incredibly small and light kite
  • Weighs less than your water bottle


  • Performs exceptionally well in light winds
  • Astonishing stability
  • Closed leading edge for more performance upwind

The Marabou 2 is compatible with our entire range of bars (Gin bar, Gin Foil bar, Gin Carbon bar). We recommend line lengths from 17m to 19m for an optimal use.