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Mast head lights - Mangatua
  • Mast head lights - Mangatua
  • TINY mast head lights - Mantagua
  • Classical mast head lights - Mantagua
  • NAVIPRO mast head lights - Mantagua
  • Mast head light top view - Mantagua


Mast head lights


Totally encapsulated in resin, Mantagua navigation lights offer a maximum visibility. They are energy efficient, unaffected by vibrations, highly resistant and waterproof.

The TINY range has been developed to answer the needs of those racing or with a small boat, who are looking for compact and lightweight navigation lights.

The NAVIPRO lights are certified. Regulated 10-30VDC, very low power consumption. IP67 waterproof. Made of UV proof ASA and PC. In compliance with the european norm 2014/90/EU.

To view the full range of products with technical specifications, check out our Mantagua page and download the catalogue.