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Opening luff rope prefeeder - Wichard
  • Opening luff rope prefeeder - Wichard
  • Opening luff rope prefeeder - Wichard


Opening luff rope prefeeder


To open the prefeeder simply push the spring with your thumb, the jaws will open automatically. To close it, squeeze the jaws together between your thumb and fingers until the spring reengages. Before re-hoisting, the bowman doesn’t need to remove the headsail from the luff groove, he just has to open the prefeeder and close it around the luff tape. No need to remove the headsail anymore. The prefeeder can be easily installed below any headsail foil or headsail reefing configuration. In the closed position, it ensures a smooth and easy sail hoist.

Main features:

  • Single handed operation by pushing on the spring.
  • Easy to install with a lashing or fixed to the forestay.
  • Stainless steel product benefiting from the Wichard know-how to offer the highest reliability.

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