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Small Boat Drum Furler - Allen
  • Small Boat Drum Furler - Allen
  • Small Boat Drum Furler - Allen


Small Boat Drum Furler


Designed for use on dingies and keelboats up to 20ft / 6 meters. The swivel unit consists of 5 rows of ball bearings for reliable and smooth rotation of the drum when under load.

  • Used to roll or furl the headsail or jib.
  • Designed to furl the jib by pulling the furling line.
  • To unfurl the jib simply pull on the Jib sheet.
  • Easy to install. Simply tie a stopper knot through the hole in the top plate of the drum. Then wind the drum by hand and feed the furling line onto the drum.
  • Furling line not included.
  • The drum is made from a strong and stable UV plastic. The swivel body is made from marine-grade aluminium.
  • This furling drum is typically paired with the A4302 – Top Furler.