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Spirit Kite - GIN
  • Spirit Kite - GIN
  • Spirit Kite - GIN
  • Spirit Kite - GIN
  • Spirit Kite - GIN
  • Spirit Kite - GIN
  • Spirit Kite - GIN
  • Spirit Kite - 6m - 8m - GIN
  • Spirit Kite - 10m - 12m - GIN
  • Spirit Kite - 15m - GIN

Gin Kiteboarding

Spirit Kite


Spirit is a closed-cell foil kite with easy handling and stability in both low-wind and strong wind conditions. 

Sizes: 6M | 8M | 10M | 12M | 15M

Terrain: water 100% | snow 80% | land 75%

Light and easy to handle

  • Designed for more agility and lightness
  • Increased balance in low and strong wind conditions


  • Easy to fly on all types of terrain and features
  • Thrilling hangtime for tricks
  • Allows easier gybe and tack


  • Extended weight range for greater flexibility
  • Very smooth feeling of the wind variations
  • Controlled feedback on the bar 

The Spirit is compatible with our entire range of bars (Gin bar, Gin Foil bar, Gin Carbon bar). We recommend line lengths from 15m to 19m for an optimal use.