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Bridle line red-silver - Robline
  • Bridle line red-silver - Robline
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  • Bridle line white-yellow-red - Robline


Bridle line


For this type of line, the trusted Robline technology is used. Known as a Leech Line among sailmakers, this line also has the the best characteristics as a bridle line for kitesurfing. Using UHMWPE as a core covered by High-Tech Polyester creates good abrasion resistance at reasonable breaking loads.

Colours: red-silver, navy-silver, white-yellow-red.

To view the full range of products with technical specifications, check out our Robline page and download the catalogues.

Technical product data

Diameter (mm) Length (m) MBL (daN)
1.7 250 130
2.5 250 300
3 250 500