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ILCA Boom Block With Becket - Allen
  • ILCA Boom Block With Becket - Allen
  • ILCA Boom Block - Allen
  • Laser/ILCA Traveller Block - Allen
  • Laser/ILCA Mainsheet Blocks - Allen


Class-legal ILCA Mainsheet Blocks


New set of ILCA mainsheet blocks has been under development and testing for 18 months.It is approved and class-legal ILCA.

All but the bottom traveller block feature lightweight Delrin ball bearings, this ensures fast rolling speeds to allow for easy and quick trimming of the mainsheet.

Bottom traveller block

  • Sheave plain bearing.
  • Help keep the block on the corner of the boat when sailing upwind under load.

Linked traveller blocks

  • Held together with a riveted body.
  • Enough articulation between the blocks to allow them to align correctly when fully sheeted in.
  • No need for the age-old tradition of wrapping the blocks in electrical tape to keep them stiff!

Available to buy separately, so should one of your blocks wear out or get damaged, you can simply replace one of the blocks in the system rather than having to buy the complete set.