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  • Automatic lifeline hook - Wichard
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  • Rigging accessories - Wichard


Rigging accessories


Accessories offered by Wichard to complement its rigging adjusters:

  • Automatic lifeline hook: Only takes one hand to operate. Forged Duplex stainless steel body - composite injection trigger (PBT) - 316L spring and piston. Extremely strong, UV resistant and corrosion free. Compact and lightweight. For  M6.
  • Pelican lifeline hook: An easy and effective way to close the lifelines gates. The excentric shape and the length of the arm on the pelican hook allow the wires to be tensioned easily.
  • Wire grip: Help to install and tension the lifeline hooks.
  • Swage stud: Help to install and tension the lifeline hooks.
  • Folding mast step: Easy to install, safe and extremely robust. For mast profiles with a radius greater than 270mm, the rivet placement provides direct support against the side of the mast without having to modify the base. This makes installation both quicker and easier.
  • Threaded eye hook: Babystay attachment.
  • Babystay tang: Installation of a babystay adjuster with wheel.
  • Sail chafe protector: Protects the sails and minimizes the risks of snaggings.

To view the full range of products with technical specifications, check out our Wichard page and download the catalogues.